A Wedding Silent Disco is the Best!

Choosing your wedding playlist is easy isn’t it? Whether your tunes are cheesy pop, deep house or drum and bass; you have a perfect playlist to fill the dance floor with awesome moves.  But maybe your guests aren’t as in to happy house as you are? Perhaps they are 90’s dance lovers or Rock n Roll movers and shakers.

How can you please everyone? Easy – hold a Wedding Silent Disco! With three super channels of audio to choose from; you can be sure to please everybody. What’s more – we’ll supply you with an MP3 player that is already loaded with cheesy wedding tunes; all you have to do is supply one or two more playlists of your choice for the other two channels.

Outdoor silent disco for a wedding. Wedding Silent Disco

Here’s the best bit – a silent disco doesn’t have any noise restrictions; you can go all night without anyone having the slightest clue, and when you take off your headsets you can have a chat right in the middle of the dance floor without having to shout! Try and do that with Disco Dave’s thumping sound system; Your guests can turn their headphones up to full or down to a whisper which means everyone really can have their cake and eat it at a Silent Disco.

Need some disco lights to add some effects to your party? We can supply you with a whole host of lighting equipment that is really easy to set up. Our headsets already flash to the beat (and they change colour depending on which channel you are using) so by adding some powered disco lights you’ll make your wedding even more spectacular.

Give your guests the best wedding party they have ever experienced with a Super Silent Disco. From just £65 what are you waiting for – enquire today and book for your fabulous wedding now!

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