The Ultimate wow factor for your guests:

Wedding Silent Disco

A wedding silent disco by Super Silent Discos is the perfect solution to entertain your guests. Find out how we can make your special day really amazing.

No noise restrictions

only hear the music when you are wearing the super comfy headphones subsequently keeping your neighbours happy.

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music for everyone

your guests can switch between three simultaneously playing music channels to find their perfect dancing tune.

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perfect sound quality

no more booming speakers that make your ears ring; without a doubt our silent disco headphones sound amazing.

Reasons to Host a:

wedding silent disco

Entertain every guest

At a wedding silent disco you can run 3 channels of music simultaneously. 

As a result, your can curate three different playlists (or have a DJ battling against two playlists) all at the same time. In a normal disco guests would leave the dance floor if a song wasn’t to their taste. Here’s the game-changer; at a wedding silent disco they can switch to a different music channel at the tap of a button on their headset! 

Here is your chance to create some awesome playlists that please everyone; Our favourites have always been a cheesy disco playlist on one channel, 60’s rock and roll on the second and 90’s dance on the third!

With a choice of three playlists for your guests you can be sure that nobody will want to leave the dance floor!

Switching simple tap of a button. Each of the three channels is represented by a colour – red, green and blue and your headset will light up in that colour and even pulsate to the beat. Everyone at the party will love looking over the dance floor at what colour channel everyone else is listening to.

No restrictions

Noise restrictions at wedding venues are frustrating but we’ve got you covered. A silent disco gets you round every noise restriction going and consequently, nobody will ever know you’re having a party (unless there is singing involved!)

If you want your party to go on all night then you can with a silent disco – especially as the headphones last for 12 hours and chargers are also included in the box if you want to go on for longer!

At a silent disco your guests aren’t restricted to the dance floor either as everything is wireless; consequently they can take the headphones outside (weather permitting) and dance the night away on the terrace or lawn too. 

Perhaps you have guests that aren’t mobile and can’t make it to the dance-floor – in this case with a silent disco they can boogie wherever they are. 

Need to go to the toilet but don’t want the music to stop – unlike other parties; with a range of 500m silent disco headphones can be taken to the toilet queue too.

amazing sound

Our headsets sound absolutely amazing and offer that stereo audio quality that large speakers can’t provide.The headsets feature fantastic bass along with really sparkly high end frequencies that will let you hear elements of your favourite music you never heard before. 

Your guests will also each be able to turn the volume right up or down using the volume control directly on the headset; resulting in everyone hearing the music at their own perfect level.

When your guests want to chat they can simply slip off the headsets and speak normally – there will be no need to shout over any loudspeakers at all! 

Your party will be full of happy wedding guests when they realise the full potential of a wedding silent disco. 

A newlywed couple enjoying a Super Silent Disco.
Wedding Silent Disco

wedding silent disco planning:

the perfect wedding silent disco setup


Fully utilise the magic of a silent disco by creating three playlists or hire a DJ to connect to battle your other two fabulous playlists!

Super Silent Discos provide one MP3 player with every system that is fully loaded with party playlists for you to choose from. Our 'Cheesy disco' playlist is full of the ultimate party tracks for the wedding dance floor that will get even your most woke guests busting out the Macarena moves!


Your silent disco headphones can be neatly lined up on a large table ready for your guests to collect.

We provide a quick start guide to show users where the volume dial, power button and channel select button are; as a result, everyone will be dancing to your awesome playlists right away.

Lighting and effects

Just three disco lights are enough to flood your dance floor with masses of coloured beams of light and fantastic laser displays. Couple this with a super smoke machine used lightly and you will have a professional setup at a fraction of the cost.

Add bubble machines to your effects package for an even bigger wow factor for your wedding silent disco party.

a unique way to entertain your guests

everyone will be talking about your awesome wedding