Super Silent Disco Headphones

We love our Super Silent Disco headphones and we know that you will too. We test and clean them with antibacterial cleaner every time they are returned from their party adventures. Your headphones will arrive fully charged too as we charge them right after testing and cleanng them so that you can party right away.

Silent Disco Headphones on Mirror Ball Silent Disco Headphones

High Definition Audio

Our silent disco headphones don’t just look great – they sound amazing too. Featuring a volume control that takes you from zero to LOUD you can really loose yourself in the music.

Silent Disco Headphones with Pulsating LED’s

With LED’s that pulsate to the beat and colours that show which channel you are listening to; your party will look and sound awesome.

Each channel is represented by a colour that lights up our logo on the side of the headset. DJ’s love battling it out to get the dance floor glowing in their colour. If you are creating playlists for your party, you can have a battle to see which is best too!

Our colours are simple – Red is channel 1, green is channel 2 and blue is channel 3.

Don’t want the LED’s to pulsate to the beat – gently hold the volume button down to switch them off or to just have the side lights glow to the channel colour.

Comfortable to Wear

Our silent disco headphones have luxurious cushions on the muffs and on the headband to ensure that you have ultra enjoyment throughout the event. Your listening pleasure won’t be affected by our super comfy headsets.

Long lasting power

You’ll get up to 12 hours of battery life at full volume. We’ve managed to get 16 hours out of a set of headphones when testing them at our office at a regular volume!

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