at the heart of every silent disco:

Silent disco equipment

Proudly presenting

Super silent disco equipment

We are proud to say that our silent disco equipment is the most top of the range in the industry. We searched high and low to find it and the result is just fantastic. Our highly experienced sound engineers have checked out the kit to find the best sounding systems available. We wear the headsets all day to check they are comfortable and leave the systems running for days to ensure high performance and durability. Nothing is going to stop this party.

creating the perfect party with:

our silent disco equipment

Super Comfy Headphones

long range Transmitter with
microphone input

Ultra high power transmitter with 6h internal battery

Lightweight belt pack receivers

At the Front End Of Our Systems are:

High Power Transmitters

Featuring three stereo radio channels, our transmitters are extremely versatile; They even feature a choice of high power or low power transmission in case you are in a sensitive area, or if you have holding multiple silent discos in one building. Full instructions on how to get the best out of our silent disco equipment is included in the box. 

Inside is a battery that will last for up to 8 hours and as a result, the transmitters can be used anywhere at all so you don’t need  any pesky mains to get the party started. Got mains power? Then plug the transmitter in for an unlimited silent disco party!

so light you don't even know you're wearing them

Super comfy headphones

The best sound wherever you are on the dance floor

Silent disco headphones

We love our Super Silent Disco headphones and we know that you will too. We test and clean them with antibacterial cleaner every time they are returned from their party adventures. Your headphones will arrive fully charged too so that you can party right away. In conclusion: This is silent disco equipment that you can trust.


Featuring a built in battery that will last for up to 8 hours, the transmitters can be used anywhere at all so you don’t need any pesky mains to get the party started. Got mains power? Then plug the transmitter in for the party to last until the last dancer drops!

High Definition Audio for up to 12 hours

Our silent disco headphones don't just look great - they sound amazing too. The volume control takes you from zero to LOUD and as a result, you can really loose yourself in the music.

Importantly you'll get up to 12 hours of battery life at full volume. We've actually managed to get 17 hours out of a set of headphones when testing them at our office at a regular volume! In Conclusion, this is silent disco equipment that you will love.

LED's That Light Up The Dancefloor

Each earphone has LED's that can pulsate to the beat and as a result create a fantastic light show across the dance floor. In addition, they also light up in the colour that represents each music channel: 1=Red, 2=Green, 3=Blue. This means that everyone can quickly look across the room to find the most popular channel.

Don't want the LED's to pulsate to the beat? Simply hold down the volume button to switch between pulsating, static and off.

Our Super Customers Say...

'Luxurious Padded Cushions'


Our silent disco headphones have luxurious cushions on the muffs and on the headband to ensure that you have ultra enjoyment throughout the event. Your listening pleasure won’t be affected by our super comfy headsets.