Watch your favourite films in style

silent cinema Hire

Photo of person wearing a pair of Silent Disco headphones with flowers in her hair
Silent Disco headphones being held up in front of projector screen

movies on the big screen

a 120" screen to wow your Guests

Our super 120″ screen (that’s 3.9m wide x 2.4m high) will bring the cinema experience right to your own home. It comes with a powerful 6500lm projector which will shine brightly as soon as the sun sets.

Included in your package is a DVD/Blue-ray player and all the cables need to connect it together. If you want to connect your own devices then HDMI, VGA and USB inputs are also included. 

Your system also comes with 14 silent disco headphones that allow you to watch the film in your garden without disturbing the neighbours.

everything you need inside the box

delivered to your door ready for you to set up

easy to set up with just two people

super silent cinema hire

Our cinema system is delivered to you in one giant box and can be set up by two people in less than half an hour. The included guide will take you through putting the screen together, connecting the DVD/Blue-ray player to the projector and how to focus/position the projector correctly. All you need to do is provide an extension lead and some films to watch on the big screen.

Connect your games console for even more fun on the giant screen

You don't just have to watch films on our DVD/Blue-ray player! Our projector has HDMI and VGA inputs and as a result; you can connect your laptop, games console or just about anything else with a video output.

Don't upset your neighbours with Noise

Your neighbours might spot the giant screen in your garden but they'll never get to hear it! We supply you with a box of wireless LED headphones that connect to the system. After your viewing, you can even host a silent disco as we also include an MP3 player in the box that is loaded with party playlists.

'perfect indoors or after dusk'

Films are best watched in the dark

Grab your popcorn and wait for the sun to set before you start that film as projectors only work in the dark! If you’re eager to use it in the daytime then find a perfect spot indoors where you can close the curtains and snuggle up in perfect darkness.