Super Equipment for super events.

We are proud to say that our silent disco equipment is the most top of the range in the industry. We searched high and low to find it and the result is just fantastic.

Having tested products from all over the world to find the best systems to supply to our customers. Our highly experienced sound engineers have checked out the kit to find the best sounding systems available. We wear the headsets all day to check they are comfortable and leave the systems running for days to ensure high performance and durability. Nothing is going to stop this party.

DJ and Headset

High Power Transmitters

Featuring three stereo radio channels, our transmitters are extremely versatile; They even feature a choice of high power or low power transmission in case you are in a sensitive area, or if you have holding multiple silent discos in one building.

Featuring a built in battery that will last for up to 8 hours, the transmitters can be used anywhere at all so you don't needĀ  any pesky mains to get the party started. Got mains power? Then plug the transmitter in for unlimited silent disco equipment!

Super Comfy Headsets

Our headsets have been worn for days by our team to test for comfiness and sound quality. We haven't found a better sounding a more comfy headset yet - and if we do we'll go ahead and buy them for our parties! Check out our headset pageĀ to find out more. Our super silent disco equipment is the best on the market.