Super Silent Disco Prices

We are proud to be able to offer the best value in Silent Disco Equipment in the U.K. All of our prices include delivery and collection and an MP3 player that is fully loaded with 10 hours of cheesy party music; there's no hidden cost at all.

We want you to have the best Super Silent Disco ever - so any quote that you get will be matched by us - and we'll send you a present as a thank you for renting from us!

Silent Disco Headphone

25 Super Headsets

For private parties you can hire 25 headsets, 2 transmitters, an MP3 player and chargers for only £99 including delivery and collection!

Silent Disco Headphone

50 Super Headsets

For the perfect party you can have 50 headsets, an MP3 player, the chargers and transmitters for only £135 including delivery and collection.

Silent Disco Headphone

100 Super Headsets

Our 100 Super headsets are perfect for weddings, birthday parties and anniversaries. We throw in an MP3 player too.  It's the most popular choice at only £175 including delivery and collection.

Silent Disco Headphone

150 Super Headsets

For parties with over 150 guests; this super silent discos price is worth shouting about at only £225 including delivery and collection.

Silent Disco Headphone

200 Super Headsets

If you have 200 guests for your event  - look no further than our super deal of £275 including delivery and collection.

Silent Disco Headphone

250 Super Headsets

The 250 headset package for larger events is just £325. We can supply even more - just message us for a speedy response on pricing and details.

Wedding Silent Disco

250+ Headsets

Planning a larger event? We can supply over 5,000 headsets for your party; Send us a message for more info and pricing. We can even offer event staff to hand out headphones, offer technical support, play music, and clear up at the end.

Silent discos at weddings

Planning on having a silent disco at your wedding? You are making the perfect choice - your guests will have the choice between three different channels of audio so you can be sure to have music that suits everyone. We can provide three MP3 players loaded with different playlists to ensure that you don't have to worry about sorting out the music.
We can even send you a lighting system to ensure that the party looks fab-u-lous!

Outdoor silent disco for a wedding.

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